Posters are highly efficient communicational tools since they are accessible to wide masses of people-they are part of the street semiotic. As posters are supposed to cause a great impact considering that neither passersby nor drivers will stop to read them, they should be precise regarding the message and the elements used to convey it.

In this way, an intelligible and closely analyzed poster will work as a key marketing element that is capable of conveying an unforgettable message immediately.

 At Brandstapler we offer digital prints in a huge variety of sizes, if you are looking for A4 poster printing you may be interested to hear that we also offer sizes such as A0 poster printing, A1 poster printing, A2 poster printing and A3 poster printing.


Brand Stapler, it really help us to create us our brand.They have team of trully proffessional people.As we are in education industry they have done all our printing related works.During their services they were really co-operating and helpful.I would like to recommend they to you.

Neelam Sinha


I was dealing with Mr. Abhishek in Brand Stapler company for my corporate event.It was nice experinece with him.As I was new in this profession, he co-operate me also.

                                  Manish Jha